• Shai Bracha

Announcing the Custom Price Calculator App

Thank you for considering the Custom Price Calculator app.

This app was built out of our own personal necessity. As Shopify merchants, we wanted to offer our customers a user-friendly way to order products sized to their own individual specifications, with the pricing to match accordingly. When we couldn’t find a tool that could do this well, we set out to build our own. And, from there, the Custom Price Calculator was born.

Here’s what our app has done for us, and why we believe it can help to grow your business:

First, there is a ton of competition out there and allowing your customers to build products which fit their exact needs will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace and allow you to price your products at a premium.

Second, with a calculator that displays pricing changes automatically in real time, you can reduce your overhead by eliminating those tedious one-on-one back-and-forth communications with your customers.

Third, by eliminating any pricing-related surprises, you can increase both your checkout rate and customer satisfaction.

You can choose to offer any input, and whichever inputs your customers select will clearly appear in their shopping cart and throughout their checkout experience. Additionally, your admin order page will receive all the information you need to accurately fulfill your customers’ orders.

Building your Custom Price Calculator does not require any coding whatsoever--simply “drag and drop” the inputs you need to customize your product offerings and easily embed the Calculator on any product page. Using our styling section, you can also design your Calculator to match the look of your store.

Just like you, we are entrepreneurs. If there are features that you’d like to see added to the Custom Price Calculator, let us know and let’s partner together to grow your business!

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